Melody Memories

Candice Nicole Musical Background


Candice began playing the piano at an early age of 3 years old.  Taught by her nana, she never found practicing a chore. Over 20 years later & Candice is now a professional pianist - over the years studying Piano Grades 1-8 and Music Theory Grades 1-8.

Music has always been a passion and inspiration to Candice; wanting to explore her musical creativity she introduced the clarinet and saxophone, completing Grades 1 - 8.

By the time Candice left school she could also sing professionally and play the guitar, bass and drums.

At the age of 18, Candice focused her studies in Music & completed a Music Diploma, Classical Music A level, Jazz HNC & Music Technology.

To gain work experience Candice volunteered in Primary Schools across Nottingham as an Introductory to Music teacher. This led to providing Music creativity in Special Needs Schools, the results were inspiring and rewarding which allowed Candice to pursue an interest in Music Therapy.

Candice spent free time performing in orchestras, jazz bands, theatres and popular music bands to widen her musical genre experience.

Candice decided to learn about music in other cultures & began travelling. She spent 2 years in the USA, covering 48 states, teaching music to children in performing arts camps.

Her next venture was Spain & spent time performing in Entertainment Hotels - as a children's entertainment, vocalist, dancer, host and became well known in the Piano Lounges and Bars around the area.

Candice also spent a short time training as a musician on a Cruise Ship and performing in beautiful towns in Turkey.

When Candice returned to the UK she started up her own Performance business called Melody Memories & later expanding to offer tuition to keen music students.

Candice successfully performs throughout the UK via private bookings and agents, regularly attends filming sets for the BBC1 to create background music on film, has recently performed for Princess Anne & her Trust including Secret Millionaire Hillary Duvay.

Alongside her business Candice studied Music at University & worked towards qualifications & certificates in Music Therapy.