Melody Memories

Instrument, theory and music therapy tutoring




    Candice has been tutoring budding pianists

    from the ages of 4 years to adult. 


    Candice has 10 years piano tutoring experience

    & has been playing the piano herself for 23 years.    


    A typical piano lesson would depend on what the

    student wants to achieve. Lessons provide room

    for expression & creativity as well as accuracy &

    sight reading.


    All styles of music welcome, warm ups & excerises,

    practice diary, sheet music and score, & entry into

    exams are all provided for a student pianist.






              Candice has been tutoring keen clarinettists 

              for 8 years, her background experience

              playing clarinet is 18 years.


              Candice tutors clarinet players from beginners 

              level to grade 5. Advised ages to learn would

              be 6 years to adult -  this can be discussed if

              you wish your child to start earlier.  


              A typical clarinet lesson would consist of warm

              ups and exercises, freedom for expression,

              improvisation, composition and learning the

              approach to perform with an orchestra or band

              & understanding arrangements.






  Candice has been playing saxophone for 16

  years. Advised ages of learning would be 6 years

  to adult - this can be discussed if you wish your

  child to start earlier.


  Beginners are advised to start lessons on an alto 

  saxophone, as students progress they may wish

  to learn the soprano, tenor or baritone sax.  


  A typical clarinet lesson would consist of warm ups

  & exercises, freedom for expression, improvisation,

  composition & learning the approach to perform with 

  a jazz/blues band & understanding arrangements





              Candice has been playing guitar for 10 years 

              and has experience in tutoring classical guitar 

              & popular music.


              In a typical guitar lesson the student would

              practice warm ups, work through an exercise

              book & learn finger exercises, concentrate on

              different guitar techniques &  learn the benefits

              of chord structures.


              Candice can tutor the bass guitar if requested.


              Absolute beginners only, ages 8 years upwards.






  A perfect option for any music student who would

  like help with school, college or university work or

  exam revision.


  Students may wish to enter Instrumental Exams

   - Grade 5 Theory is needed for a Grade 6 exam.


  Candice will tutor Preliminary Grade to Grade 8 in

  Music Theory.


  Music Theory is very helpful to understand the  

  pieces you are playing and will improve music 







             Candice  has qualifications in Music & Arts

             therapy. This helps physical, emotional, mental

             disabilities - sessions are personalised  for  



             Stress, depression, anxiety or opportunities 

             needed for relaxing & being creative are

             reasons for sessions.


             Candice helps many children & adults suffering

             from mental &  physical disabilities.


             Music Therapy is rewarding for a student.

             Progression in behaviour is often noted after

             the first couple of sessions.